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Grafted in – Romans 11 – reveals God's Gracious Gift of mercy through His fore-planned Will to nail mankind's sin back to the tree – a cross in the very body of His only begotten son born of a woman – which He spoke from the Genesis garden. Scripture says neither the Jews nor the Romans crucified Jesus, but rather The Father paying ransom for both. He desires to save all men but has decreed whosoever will repent and receive this narrow path back to Him – which is faith in the sin cleansing blood of His Lamb. Yeshua, obedient to, and speaking for His Father, judged, condemned, and defeated sin, death, and the father of lies, by rising to new and everlasting life. We are grafted into this ultimate victory of the daily Blessing of Abraham.

God created time to deal with His enemy "in time" through the generations of His design and reveal His Good Will to men. He calls us to "learn" of who He is, what He's doing, who we are, and what we're to be doing with our time, with Him, and with our generation. This grafted-in symbol was found with early believers – both Jew and gentile – having equal access to God by One Spirit given to (and through) The King of Israel – a resurrected Jewish man from the tribe of Judah; He's called the root of Jesse as well as David's son, David's Lord, and David's Savior. We don't support the root – He – this root, supports us.

God has indeed provided for Himself a Lamb; Yeshua is His Name.

Desire the sincere milk of The Word, it is spirit, it is Life … and by all means go on to the meat, for it's as sweet as honey and easy to be entreated.

If you're a believer, you've been 'grafted-in' to an inheritance from the written will of a friend who died, rose, and ever lives to teach you and guide you into all Truth.

Enjoy the links which will help you on your journey. Enjoy The Lord. Peace.

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