grace and truth music
Grace and Truth Music is one result of this prodigal sons return. Though called at an early age, I did'nt meet the Lord until age 36. Auto accidents suddenly plaqued my earthly dad, and the last thing my 15 yr. old brother wanted was my 10 yr. old butt tag'n along, but he inherited it. He was into playin' his fender strat like Hendrix, Page, Blackmore, and introduced me to the termite nasty beer joints which became home away from home for many years to follow.

With Sunday school completed, there was no need for church where organ music was known only as 'hymnal #...'. My pure like driven snow songwriting was drowned in excessive drinking, drug sampling, desperate sex, and excrutiatingly loud (not to me; I couldn't stick my head close enough to the speaker!), wonderfully loud rock-n-roll. Spike hair: long hair, stage clothes, tuxedos; allnighters, oneniters, tech school, night school; recording sessions, airplay, workin' faithful all day, then leaving the body for a bit - Yikes! What was that?

And marriage? husband? father? Oh God if you're real..., I need help!

What ensues is an amazing journey full of unimaginable twists and stunning turns no mere man could orchestrate, some of which is now caught in "Fire!+fish Adventure Guide"

If you don't know The Living Savior of men, don't wait another day! Call on Him from your heart. He will 'Reveal' Himself to you just like He said He would.

In Yeshua, even Jesus Name, Be Blessed.

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